Ennismore Gardens, SW7

Grade II Listed Chelsea Property Fitted with Fibre Optic Lighting Features

Xavio Design worked with a leading Interior Design Studio and contractor to deliver some outstanding lighting features in this fine Grade II listed property in Chelsea, overlooking an exclusive garden square.

The swimming pool, in the basement, with its cathedral glass mural at one end provided a unique opportunity for some dramatic lighting. With specially engineered optics and bespoke mounting brackets Xavio Design was able to create the stunning effect of sunlight pouring through the trees on the mural. By using fibre optic lighting with the light source placed 7 metres away we were also able to ensure that any future maintenance can be completed without the need to completely drain the pool first.

Working together with the AV consultant Xavio was also able to ensure that the whole system is completely dimmable and that the correct colour temperature can be achieved to give the best ‘daylight’ effect in the woodland scene.


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