Light Sculpture ‘Tragedy’

Light Sculpture ‘Tragedy’

The teardrop wends its way across the ceiling, and then down the wall where it hangs motionless in a glowing orb of exquisitely painful beauty…

Xavio Boutique are currently working on the concepts for this superb sculpture light destined for a luxurious super-prime London residence.

In collaboration with a gifted artist, the Boutique team will be forming this beautiful luminary from a bespoke hand-cut backlit plaster profile across the ceiling and down the wall, which will terminate in a glowing Swarovski crystal wall mounted droplet.

The inspiration for this light sculpture?  Inlaid bronze ‘lava’ in some of the joinery within the property… and an atmospheric entrance hall with undertones of ageless history and the touch of many unique personalities… which needs to combine art with lighting in an unmistakeable statement.  Another Xavio Boutique masterpiece… more information to follow on this dramatic sculpture lighting installation.


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