Hospitality Lighting Design

Xavio Design is experienced at applying Super Prime Residential lighting techniques to luxury hotels and restaurants, adapting our design process to meet the fast-track nature and user-friendly requirements of these often high pressure projects. The Xavio Design project management structure pre-empts potential delays, and carefully plans the workflow and procurement process in advance, to allow the shortest possible downtime for the hospitality venue and thereby maximises its return on investment. Lighting styles are carefully created to enhance the brand of each hotel or restaurant, and to appeal to its target clientele.

Restaurants & clubs

Xavio works with famous design companies to create stunning lighting schemes for the interiors of world-renowned restaurants and clubs. Our unique blend of architectural and decorative lighting expertise enables us to pay great attention to every detail, from bespoke pendants through to cutting-edge backlighting and joinery effects. We work closely with lighting control specialists to create intuitive and powerful mood-setting programmes that bring these special spaces to life in a variety of personalities. We also have in-house knowledge of emergency lighting, regulations for public spaces, and will take care of every aspect of the lighting design.

Boutique hotels

Xavio has the capabilities for a fast turnaround on high end lighting schemes for luxury hotels, typically 5, 6 & 7 star hotels which require a superb attention to detail and a fine eye for design. We work closely with interior designers and hotel management to gain an in-depth understanding of the hotel brand and its clientele, prior to creating a design which enhances and perfectly complements the luxurious interiors. Our vast sourcing power is extremely useful, especially our links with bespoke lighting craftsmen and custom-product manufacturers.