Private jets


Private Jets Lighting Design

The world of aviation is a natural evolvement from projects on land and at sea, and we delight in the spacial challenges that face us when creating sophisticated designs for both large and small private aircraft.

Executives and ultra-high-net-worth individuals can spend many hours in the air as they pursue global lifestyles. It is essential that the lighting within their aircraft cabins is calculated and designed to an exceptionally high level of detail and consideration. Organic, softly gentle lighting designs help to increase passenger comfort and reduce fatigue, whilst very high colour rendering indexes ensure that the luxurious interiors always appear fresh, rich and pleasing to the eye.

And, most importantly of all, the passengers should be in control of the lighting levels in the different parts of the cabin. Unlike a commercial airliner, the lighting settings in a private jet are not limited to a small light above the seat and the shutters on the windows. Individual controls can either be manually adjusted for specific activities, or can be set with astronomic time clocks that help the passengers to subconsciously adjust to time changes and long-distance flight fatigue.

Xavio technicians and designers use only low-heat LED luminaires with world-class baffle and optic control to reduce glare, and experts will ensure that all products are tested to the nth degree of compatibility with all leading regulations and compliances.

Our clientele will experience the same unique Xavio design techniques in their private jets as they do in their homes and yachts. An extension of personality for every client, because the illumination is customised entirely around you.