Private super yachts


Private Super Yachts Lighting

Xavio Design has recognised the power of transferring Super Prime Residential lighting techniques into the luxury marine sector, providing inspiring solutions to designers of super-yachts, and enabling our clientele to experience a continuity of style both on land and at sea.

In past years, super yacht lighting design has been sadly neglected, falling far behind super-prime residential projects on land, with very basic designs and a lack of intelligent control commissioning. Xavio is able to bring in sophisticated design techniques and cutting-edge systems, which can sympathetically allow for the geographical location of the yacht. (For example, the hues of lighting can change automatically, giving brighter, sharper lighting in Northern seas, and warmer, softer moods for the Southern hemisphere.)

The Xavio lighting designs also have a very technical approach to consider for the peculiar restraints and challenges in marine lighting – narrow ceiling and wall voids, compressed locations for control hubs, the ever present attacks from salt corrosion, and the need to avoid clashes with navigation systems, electronic screens and safety features.

There are few sights more breath-taking than an illuminated superyacht silhouetted against the night sky.

The yacht interiors are beautifully illuminated too in the finest traditions of world-class interiors, with artwork, furniture, private collections and design features bathed in controlled accented light, whilst orientation and ambient lighting carefully merge with the layered schemes. Truly these luxury spaces come to life with the Xavio touch, and unify perfectly with the magical lure of the ever-changing oceans and an unbroken horizon of stars, sky or sun.