Super prime residential


Residential Lighting Design

Xavio Design has a core focus in lighting designs for luxury homes & gardens around the world, with the ability to work with any style of interior – ranging from opulent classical residences to cutting edge contemporary architectural masterpieces. Xavio Design’s home ground is the super-prime centre of London, with a constantly growing portfolio of projects at all stages in Mayfair, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Kensington and other boroughs. This constant flow of luxurious projects in the most sought after historic regions of the Capital has allowed the development of highly refined lighting techniques for Grade 1 and Grade 2 Listed Buildings.

Xavio Design partners with leading architects and interior designers to provide the finest enhancement of these superb residential interiors, for both the Private Client and Investment sectors.

Xavio Design also works on international projects in the super-prime residential sector, as well as English, Welsh & Scottish private estates, country mansions and castles.
Client details are always held in the strictest confidence, and photographs of private interiors and art collections are not published, unless it is by the owner’s consent.

Luxury Residences

Prime & Super-Prime private homes are at the core of Xavio’s portfolio, typically these are valuable London townhouses & apartments in well-known locations, with a high level of interior design & architectural input. We have great expertise in integrating lighting solutions into Grade 1 & Grade 2 listed buildings, and understand the complexities of planning requirements from local authorities. We also create lighting designs for high-end investment developments and residential complexes.


Cosmopolitan homes in the sun are often strikingly architectural and contemporary in their approach, and our designers take delight in working with the play of sunlight and shadow to create stunning lighting designs in these luxury holiday homes. We work closely with French and Italian designers to bring in that unmistakable Mediterranean touch of design flair for both the interiors and the landscapes of these properties.


Penthouses require a special design approach, setting them apart from other apartments in the building and using clever techniques to make the most of natural daylight whilst being careful to not detract from the often stunning views from these residences. Xavio also works closely with landscape designers to ensure a seamless transition from terrace to interior.

Pied a Terre

Many executives and wealthy property owners have a second home in the city, a special place where they can enjoy beautiful art collections and find an oasis of peace. Xavio have long expertise in the lighting of these residences, with specialist knowledge of illuminating objets d’art and other treasures.

Private Castles

Xavio’s long experience in the illumination of historic buildings is vitally useful for these projects, many of which are covered by strict regulations and conservation laws. Bespoke luminaires relating to specific historical periods are created and architectural lighting is intelligently integrated with the fabric of the building.

Country Estates

These projects are often very large and have specialist requirements of their own. Xavio has a great deal of resource and is able to bring a fine touch to these estates, using classic techniques for gardens and interiors.


Palaces, whether they are old or new, require a special vision of lighting design and a large-scale grandeur – evoking the splendour of past ages and majestic reigns. Xavio has close links with specialist manufacturers of lighting for such projects, for example Swarovski and Schonbek, and will work with varied consultants and experts to create and deliver a cohesive strategy and a superb end result.

Ski Chalets

Our Clients like to have a villa or two in the Alps or in some snow-bound location, and these beautiful locations give inspiration to our designers, giving rise to superb creations of light and design. Interior designers for these ski chalets are often looking for an extra level of drama whilst at the same time needing to create an understated feel of elegance – a difficult challenge for which our team loves to find solutions.

Stately Homes

Xavio has excellent experience of working with specialist architects such as Robert Adam Architecture to create fine lighting schemes for these beautiful houses. The timeless elegance of ballrooms, state rooms, sweeping staircases and wonderful furniture requires a special lighting approach, coupled with close liaison with interior designers in the selection of chandeliers and other lighting layers. Less is more, and a vision for the finished result is vital.