Bespoke Lighting – Xavio Launch New Service

Introducing Customised Bespoke Lighting Products

Xavio is excited to add a new service to our comprehensive collection – the design, fabrication and delivery of customised bespoke lighting products.

We have painstakingly found craftsmen, artists, factories and workshops with many different skills covering bronzework, glass manufacturing, ironwork through to gold and precious metals, and have the capability to deliver hugely complex pieces from concept to completion.  Most of this work is from British firms and craftsmen, with a few elements outsourced to Italy & France.

This came about as a result of repeated requests from interior designers, who create the concepts of beautiful chandeliers and other decorative lights, but struggle to find specialist fabrication companies that can deliver these concepts in an effective and practical way.

Others designers have searched high and low without success for simple yet elusive items such as beautiful bronze bathroom wall lights or elegant picture lights.  So we simply stepped in and created these products to match the vision that the designers had in their minds.

Creativity and Professionalism is Central to our Approach

As always, Xavio has approached this from two co-relating angles: creativity and professionalism.  The process is controlled and project managed to a high degree, ensuring reliable lead times, accurate quoting processes, and a strong integration with other specialists and contractors on site.

We are happy to create products (such as chandeliers or wall lights) to a designer’s sketch or CGI.  Or we now have affiliated artists who can use their skills to embody the spirit of your project into a stunning sculptural luminaire, and we will then deliver this through to completion, taking care of all technical details including overseeing the installation process.

Contact our Studio

Simply contact our studio to discuss your requirements.  We are passionate about creating luminaires for fine homes and properties around the world, and would be delighted to talk about ideas, visions or dreams of amazing luminaires that have never yet been built or fulfilled.