10 Point Checklist – Appointing A Lighting Consultant

Appointing a lighting consultant on your super-prime residential or luxury hospitality project is a key consideration to achieving the best outcome.

With this in mind, we have put together a comprehensive 10 Point Checklist For Appointing A Lighting Consultant on your super-prime residential or luxury hospitality project.

1 – Has the lighting consultant worked on this type of project before – you may have to rely on evidence of them having worked with other interior designers and architects rather than being able to actually see the work as many residential clients are sensitive about their own properties.

2 – Check out the small print on the proposal, are there any hidden costs – would a fixed fee option be better? It may appear to be a higher price but cost certainty is sometimes a better option especially when there is likely to be a number of site meetings.

3 – Are the lighting consultants specialists in this field or is it an addition to their main line of business – this is a good indication of whether they will be up to date with the latest techniques in lighting design.

4 – Is the lighting consultant familiar with the needs of the AV consultant and will they be able to provide the information required in a simple to use format – this saves a lot of time later in the project as the two consultants are able to work closely together to deliver a seamless lighting experience for your client.

5 – Is the lighting consultant linked to a specific manufacturer or are they specifying from a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers – this ensures that the best product for your project is specified rather than the one which gives the lighting consultant the best return.

6 – Are the lighting consultants able to offer a product procurement service if you need it – this will save you a lot of time dealing with a large number of different, and sometimes obscure, manufacturers when you get to this stage.

7 – Will the lighting consultant be able to provide you with the documentation that you need to complete Breeam or general building regulation submissions during and after completion – this is important for projects where these sustainability and environmental standards are a requirement?

8 – Will the consultant be available for site visits during the construction phase of the project – check that this is included in the fee as it is essential to the success of this type of project?

9 – Does the consultancy have sufficient man-power to meet your deadlines? If they don’t then you risk letting your client down.

10 – Does the consultancy have the expertise to design bespoke luminaires? Could they then oversee their manufacture and installation?

Taking all these points into account will help you make the best decision when appointing a lighting consultant.

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