Fine dining deserves fine lighting: Amethyst Restaurant, Mayfair

6 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3DD

Set in the heart of Mayfair, Amethyst restaurant, owned by Sahand and Laura Jalali, is the epitomised passion of Head Chef Carlo Scotto, providing a vivid and beautiful menu inspired by his experiences and influences around the globe. Offering a culinary journey’ of Nordic and Japanese cuisine with French and Arabic influences, Amethyst showcases meticulously crafted plates featuring clever and creative flavour combinations that delight the senses.

The Project

Xavio Design was appointed as the lighting design partner for this exclusive fine dining experience, our design objective was to further elevate the culinary journey and interior design that Head Chef Carlo had crafted.

Upon collaboration with the Amethyst design team, it was clear that the lighting concept for the space should highlight the two best features of the restaurant- the food and the chef.

The restaurant’s interior design draws on dark and dramatic finishes, to create a thrilling atmosphere that lifts the intricate menu and ingredients to new heights. It was our aim to deliver complementary lighting solutions that added to the spectacular ambience, while retaining the food-centric focus of the chef.



At the heart of the Amethyst restaurant, directly before an open kitchen, is a communal zig zag table, featuring an eye-catching seam of Amethyst, both the restaurant’s namesake and chef Carlo’s birthstone. This communal table effortlessly dominates the space and creates a theatrical focus point for diners to feel integrated with the kitchen space.

The communal table allows the restaurant team flexibility in seating groups of diners of differing numbers. The lighting had to reflect this flexibility, while retaining a sense of privacy and unique experience for individual diners.

Using an abstract suspended track design to allow us to work around the open ceiling and various services, we were able to direct a pool of light to each place setting, giving each diner a dedicated spotlight for their individual dish.




In contrast to the warm dining room lighting, the show kitchen utilises cooler light temperatures that divides the two spaces.

The pass was illuminated to spotlight Head Chef Carlo, and to ensure all the chefs have suitable lighting to plate each dish perfectly.

The light for the pass is the same colour temperature as the dining area, a critical attention to detail that ensures the food looks identical both to the chefs and the diners.


The restaurant’s interior design features matt grey stone walls, dark wood and deep purple velvet chairs. The surrounding ambient lighting is provided by discreet wall lights, using concealed joinery. This illuminates and softens the concrete finish of the walls without over lighting the space, crafting a cosy, intimate and seamless feel throughout the restaurant.

As a further complement to the exquisite lighting design, a Casambi control system was installed. This provides the restaurant management control of the lighting effects, to adjust scenes and timings as the restaurant develops, an important feature for a dining experience that prides itself on providing dishes focussed on seasonal availability.

Moving downstairs to an area designed for a more intimate dining experience, the interior design reflected a warmer, increasingly personal experience with lower ceilings and wooden tables for each group.

This space is designed to be flexible and adaptable for both individual dining or a private group, with tables frequently repositioned. The lighting solution needed to replicate and highlight this versatility and be modified to suit the layout.

A clean rectangular track was suspended close to the ceiling, allowing for maximum head height for the diners below.

Spotlights were grouped in two control groups, the first set lighting the tables - with a spot per table - and the second set lighting artistic wine bottles that line the wall for ambience.

At the end of the room, a feature stone slab in tones of violet and green is displayed on the wall, this was lit with a soft halo of light to highlight both the stone, and the texture of the wall behind.

Further detailed lighting solutions feature throughout the restaurant... Uplights recessed into the ground to frame the entrance doorway, luxurious downlit handrails to provide a practical glow to the stair areas and striking wall wash lighting within the washroom areas.

The innovative and artistic design solutions provided by Xavio helped to craft a unique customer journey throughout the space that is elevated by stunning light.

The Result

Described as “one the UK’s best restaurants’ by The Guardian, Amethyst has become a focus and destination for fine diners looking to experience meticulously prepared dishes within a striking yet comfortable atmosphere.

Through an aligned focus on attention to detail, Xavio designed, sourced and co-ordinated the installation of a holistic lighting solution that elevates the fine dining experience through equally fine lighting.

To discover more about the Xavio Way or discuss ow our team of lighting experts can support your next project please contact us for a discreet conversation about our unique support services.

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With special thanks to:

  • Owners: Sahand and Laura Jalali
  • Head Chef: Carlo Scotto
  • Project Manager: Michael Schienke of Vorbild
  • Photographer: Chris Snook


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