CPD – Specialist Lighting Techniques with a focus on Biophilic Design

Xavio Design has a reputation for creating lighting designs that are timeless classics, merging elements of brilliant creativity with a sensitive sympathy with the architecture, interior design, and ‘story’ within every project.

Our CPD takes an educational approach, exploring many different lighting concepts and techniques with an in-depth, practical approach which has proven to be extremely popular with architect & design practices. There is a particular focus on Biophilic Design and Biomicry in the context of lighting.

CPD Areas of Focus

  1. An inside look at a number of world-class lighting projects using inspirational techniques
  2. Biophilic Design and the use of sympathetic lighting to enhance biological elements and their effect on the human senses
  3. Biomimicry and the ability to take inspiration from natural sources of light and recreate them artificially where true natural effects cannot be utilised due to environmental, architectural or technical limitations
  4. The 12 Essentials of Biophilic Design
  5. How to create a considered lighting design concept scheme
  6. Case Study: Large British Colonial House in Muthaiga – a detailed examination of lighting techniques, controls and the biophilic merging of the inside and outside with cultural requirements
  7. Use of modelling software to check light levels
  8. Use of indirect lighting techniques and how to apply these with critical dimensions for creating architectural linear details
  9. How to calculate & identify remote driver locations for linear LED ceiling applications to avoid voltage drop & benefit CDM requirements
  10. How to work out what type of dimming to use with special focus on DALI dimming
  11. How to correctly illuminate indoor living walls and planting, with focus on lighting effects on the biology of plants
  12. Questions & Answers forum

Duration of CPD: 60 minutes exactly.

Please get in touch via studio@xavio-design.com to register your interest and we will be happy to discuss delivery options with you.