DALI Dimming Protocol for Residential Projects

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Title: DALI dimming protocol: What is DALI dimming, and when should it be used for high-end residential projects?
Author: Xavio Design of Mayfair
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Section 1 – Overview of different types of dimming & switching

1.1 Phase dimming

1.2 Dimming via 0-10V / 1-10V

1.3 DALI dimming

1.4 DMX

1.5 Switch / Non-dim

Section 2 – What is DALI dimming?

2.1 Introduction to DALI

2.2 Advantages of DALI

2.3 Parameters of DALI

2.4 Calculating the voltage drop on a DALI loop

2.5. DALI cable

2.6 Addressing DALI drivers

2.7. Dim to Dark

2.8 Logarithmic dimming curve

2.9 DALI Cost implications

2.10 Networked Lighting Control Systems

2.11 DALI and 1-10V LED Dimming in Comparison

Section 3 – Using DALI in High End Residential Projects

3.1 Project Case Studies & Dimming Type Recommendations

3.2 Summary of when, and when not, to use DALI in High End Residential Projects

Section 4 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

4.1 Design & User Questions

4.2 Cost Questions

4.3 Technical & Installation Questions

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