Inspiring Children With Light

When our Creative Director at Xavio Design, Amar Brar became involved in science week at his children’s school, straight away he wanted to showcase light and the impact it can have.

Amar set out to make the showcase both engaging and educational presenting a range of information, including how lighting can reflect our moods and the technical aspect of a lighting circuit itself.

Light circuit

Liam Walsh our Operations Manager put together a selection of lighting packs that the children could use and interact with.

Light set table

During the showcase, when Amar handed out the lighting packs the children were immediately engaged, hands on and had a lot of fun whilst understanding the principles of the circuit comprised of led lamps, a switch and a battery.

Light connection 2 Light connection 1

It was great to see the children fascinated by light. Being able to introduce light and the principles at an early age may well inspire them to take more interest in science and the power of light.

Light collage

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