Lighting Living Walls – Done well, they can last forever!

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a Living Wall? There’s something raw and almost majestic about a huge explosion of foliage indoors, isn’t there? It shouts ‘Hey, I don’t belong here’, and yet somehow it’s strangely fitting, and even feels comforting in a way. It adds a warmth too, and creates a depth to your décor that nothing else really can in the same way.


Well designed and well planted Green Walls are a talking point in a design scheme with little or nothing to compare. If well maintained, it will flourish as it establishes it’s own ecosystem. The plants will grow and die, blossom and renew, just as if one was watching your own garden during the seasons. It evolves naturally, as you would expect of any living organism, and so is always giving off vitality and freshness. Now that’s something I’ve never heard said of any wallpaper!


All that said, exercise some caution as it’s a huge task. Design, install and upkeep are no mean feat. Consideration for the extra space needed to fit a framework to carry the extra weight, and the irrigation systems, is substantial on it’s own. Costs reflect the work involved but the final result should be well worth the extra.


Selection of plants is also an art. As any keen gardener will tell you though, plant the right plant, in the right soil, at the right time of year, and success can substantially be expected more often than not. So let’s get started then, shall we?


No, wait, there is something else. The key component aside from the plants themselves – Green Wall Lighting. Remember those biology lessons? If you’ve ever struggled to grow something from seed, in a flower pot on the kitchen window sill, or maybe in the garden or greenhouse, the likelihood is you’ve kicked yourself and asked ‘Why didn’t I listen?’ Just maybe I’d have gleaned the information that would make this thing grow! Truth is, you probably wouldn’t have, so don’t beat yourself up too much about those wasted double science periods, spent just trying to get even semi comfortable on a rock hard wooden stool!


Photosynthesis is indeed a very complicated science, and always will be. Let’s just be thankful that someone was listening, and has indeed spent time since they left school, researching and writing articles like this – – go check it out for more in-depth information as the key facts included in it will go a long way to ensure that the money you spend on your beautiful new Vertical Garden isn’t jeopardised simply because you rathered draw graffiti on your exercise book way back then!