In Super-Prime, perfection is the bar to which we are all measured. Understanding all the nuances, expectations, standards and challenges in the Super-Prime sector is hugely important.
As a leading international lighting design consultancy, Xavio exists in this prestigious space to solve those challenges and continually raise the bar to meet and exceed the expectations of clients and colleagues.

Our guiding motto is:


Design Like An Artist

This emphasises the creative side of our work and the skills of our team in the context of artistry, design and talent. To us, lighting design is an art, along with light itself, we paint the canvas with our designs.

Our lighting design schemes are focused on delivering exquisite results to meet and often exceed the expectations of our clients, the likes of which can only be achieved with artistic talent.

Study Like An Analyst

This shows that our team leaves no stone unturned, applying an almost forensic level of analysis to all elements of a project, even those outside of our remit to ensure industry-leading design and delivery.
A constant is our deep and focused application to the vast amount of documentation we receive from architects, interior designers and other consultants. Perfection in analysis throughout ensures that we build an incredibly detailed picture of a project where attention to detail is imperative.

Think Like An Engineer

This demonstrates our forward thinking and ability to anticipate and provide solutions for problems that arise due to the complexities of large project builds. A point of pride is that we check the science behind the art, only presenting a concept design once we are sure it is technically possible to achieve.
It also relates to our expertise in project management, technical back up, and a deep understanding of electrical requirements, dimming systems and the latest technology and software relating to lighting installations.

Many lighting designers traditionally are either very creative, or very technical – but not both. However, we recruit persons with different viewpoints and strengths and put them together as a team – allowing us to combine the best qualities of an artist, an engineer, and an analyst.
In Super-Prime, the strive for perfection and excellence is ever present.
At Xavio, we are passionate about light, seeing lighting design as an art and a science. We want to be raising the bar of lighting design in Super-Prime and Luxury Hospitality to meet and exceed the standards and expectations set by our Clients. Light touches everyone and everything.

Light truly is our passion, it’s our raison d’être.

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