Located in the heart of Soho, Manhattan, the Lanserring New York Gallery showcases the ultimate expression of luxury millwork. It features the brand’s custom dressing rooms, kitchen concepts, products, and is full of one-of-a-kind interpretations of a modern New York loft home.

It was with great pleasure that Xavio were invited by Lanserring to design the lighting scheme for their New York Gallery, and an opportunity to highlight their fine design and expert craftsmanship.

The promotional video that they created gives a sense of the authentic atmosphere inside the Gallery.

Lanserring commissioned Xavio to replicate the brand’s ethos and atmospheric craftsmanship of joinery into the wider space of the Gallery. We worked closely within their brief to transpose the warm and luxurious feel of their joinery into an holistic design.

Using concealed lighting within joinery elements and spotlight tracks suspended from the exposed industrial ceiling, we were able to create a synergy which ties together the industrial setting with these elegant light fixtures.

The harmony of joinery and light working together helps to create this holistic space, one that respects the heritage and passion for excellence in craft and design so synonymous with the Lanserring brand.

Light is the paintbrush with which we shape what we see. A floodlit space loses all dimension, so a considered lighting design is crucial for adding depth and soul into any interior.

At Xavio we take great care in designing with both light and shadow, and in a way that minimises any attention being drawn away from the luxurious interior. By retaining a mystique as to how that is achieved, the soul of an interior can truly resonate.

The result is a home experience within an industrial showroom. Prospective clients can walk off the Manhattan street into an authentic NYC building where the atmosphere exudes quality and exclusivity.

This is brought forward by Lanserring's design and craftmanship, their traditional artisanal techniques and respect of fine natural materials. The exposed ducting and high ceilings reinforce that authenticity, creating a perfect combination of home and industrial, a beautiful canvas for the play of light and shadow.

In the kitchen area, the gallery makes use of mostly natural light, allowing it to flood in and bring to life the fine woodgrain and stone detailing, immersing a client in how they would experience their kitchen joinery at home. In contrast to this, the dressing room area has no natural light, making it feel cosy and private.

The lighting in both areas has been designed to work harmoniously with the time of day or season. With added flexibility, the user can also enhance the space on a gloomy day by increasing the lighting levels, or set the perfect mood for an evening party or exclusive event.

One of the most important challenges to overcome was bringing the exquisite design experience of Lanserring to the US market using a completely different lighting toolkit.

Bringing our depth of lighting knowledge into a new market and making sure it was integrated effectively via a local team with different regulations and standards required methodical communication.

Through careful coordination we have together created a showroom that emphatically embodies the established Lanserring experience with that local NYC flavour.

As to the aspect of lighting design that we are most proud of?

We can’t possibly separate the lighting design from that of the fine cabinetry, so our favourite aspect has to be the Pickling Cabinet. The hand-oiled slatted oak panel mimics Manhattan’s soaring towers, thrown into silhouette by the warm vertical lighting and allowing glimpses of what lies within.

Concealing light sources within these fine details and against some unforgiving surfaces such as solid marble is always difficult, so it’s incredibly rewarding to see it successfully come together.

"It is impossible to fully express the visceral connection between people and their furniture without the delicate touch that an expert lighting designer can bring to a project.

Working with Xavio was a great process because they understood both the practical challenges of lighting design in joinery and the ability to use lighting to connect with people emotionally.

We are really proud of both the work and the collaboration.”

Alex Beaugeard, Creative Director at Lanserring

"We are thrilled to have played a part in the design of this stunningly elegant new gallery for Lanserring as they diversify into New York.

Our dedicated team of designers have created a lighting scheme that provides not only adequate illumination for their working environment but also, importantly, echoes and enhances the craftsmanship of the Lanserring brand.

Achieving the right light levels in a kitchen can so quickly take over the character of a space but designs like these show it is possible to marry the practical with the elegant… and what a setting to prove it!”

Rebecca Richards, Design Director, Xavio Design

We very much enjoyed working with the team at Lanserring who are complemented by specialist designers, master craftspeople, project managers and technicians.

They are critical thinkers, and at Xavio we never like to propose an effect that isn’t possible or is compromised in real life.

This made for a strong working partnership and it was an honour to be given the opportunity to work alongside them on their first US Gallery.

Thank you to the Lanserring team for sharing their superb videography with us.

Please visit their website for more information - www.lanserring.com

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