To understand why Xavio Design chose to invest in creating Ellicott Park, a virtual reality palace showcasing the art of luxury lighting design, we need to first explore why design plays such an essential part in the creative process.

Understanding design

Design is the art of turning intangible visions into remarkable reality. Every facet of the design development, from hand sketched drawings and meticulous blueprints, to physical 3D models and high definition images, is focussed on reinforcing the concept that our imaginative ideas can be manifested and represented in the real world. But to master the art of convincing the clients/users that their design is in safe hands sometimes requires a leap of faith into emerging technology to aid the journey.

Understanding the challenge facing the world of luxury lighting design requires us to bridge the gap between creative imagination and physical representation. Understanding the “art of the possible” when it comes to lighting design requires more than simple prototypes and static renders, it requires users to experience the emotions that exquisite lighting can invoke, the intricate relationships that can be forged between architecture and light, and the subtle differences created in spaces throughout different times of the day.

This is where Ellicott Park steps into the light.

What is Ellicott Park?

A 250,000 sq.ft. virtual private palace, set in thousands of acres of rugged country estate in the North of England, Ellicott Park allows users to experience the power of luxury lighting in a revolutionary immersive 3D experience.

The realistic immersive environment created within Ellicott Park offers an accurate insight of scale, depth, and spatial awareness to the user, helping to build more faith in the design process, understand the possibilities with lighting design and ultimately have a better understanding of the limitless possibilities available when it comes to maximising light within an environment.

While all users have the ability to take a guided walkthrough tour of Ellicott Park on their phone or computer screens, marvelling in the architectural splendour and lighting solutions on show, by far the most immersive way to experience this virtual palace is through a VR headset. This provides the immersive sensation of actually being inside the building, combined with the ability to move around within spaces and rooms, as well as make design decisions such as switching the lighting demonstrations between daylight and evening.  Viewing Ellicott Park through a VR headset gives a truly holistic view of the possibilities within the spaces throughout the day and into the evening.


Where did the idea come from to build Ellicott Park?

The vast majority of Xavio’s luxury lighting projects are too confidential to ever allow visitors, and often even photographs are restricted to retain client privacy. This can be a challenge when attempting to demonstrate the scale and magnificent impact that luxury lighting can have within a space.

As a business for whom discretion and reputation are paramount to our success, we frequently have prospective clients and other firms in the industry asking to see finished projects so they can judge for themselves the impact of a professional lighting design and see our expert designs first hand. Ellicott Park was created to answer that need.

Wherever you are in the world, there is now a stunning Xavio project ready for visiting, less than a minute away!

What makes Ellicott Park a unique immersive experience?

Bridging the gap between designs and reality, Ellicott Park offers the end user an ability to visualise, interact with, and gain key information, all from within a virtual setting.

You can pan and tilt to see all around the space you are in, up to the ceiling and down to the floor, seamlessly move from room to room at the click of a button and control your lighting environment from day to evening at the touch of your keypad.

Hover over the information icons to see the design inspiration and technical notes within each room, explaining why and how each space was conceived, designed, and illuminated to make the most of the architecture and function of the environment. You can even turn on background sounds and be fully immersed with the accompanying atmospheric sounds such as the hissing of a steam generator in the spa, the bubbling of water or a crackling open fire.

Unforgettable experiences within Ellicott Park

From the stunningly framed exterior architecture, to the intimacy and comfort of the relaxation areas, Ellicott Park is an ever-expanding virtual space that offers new experiences and viewpoints each visit. A huge and constantly evolving model which will eventually include many amazing new spaces – art galleries, cinema, golf simulator, banquet hall, spa complex, billiards room, supercar showroom and much more are in planning - here are some of our existing highlights that you need to experience for yourself to believe.

The video ceiling in the pool area is one of the most stunning visuals within Ellicott Park. Flanked by a beautifully uplit spiral staircase, showcased poolside plants and sunken seating area with accompanying virtual fish tank, the space is truly the epitome of luxury. When accompanied with the sounds of the bubbling spa and inviting steam room, the space almost wills you to dive into the pool and feel the warmth of the frothing jacuzzi.

The Entertainment room offers up a space that is clamouring to be interacted with. From the fully stocked golden bar area, through to the illuminated pool and roulette tables, the space gives an insightful look into the power of professional lighting within a room made to be filled with friends. Scanning around the space allows you to fully appreciate the attention to detail, from the meticulous wall art scattered throughout the room, to the customised retro Formula 1 car that sits proudly atop an illuminated plinth at the head of the space, you need to be in the Entertainment room to fully understand the beauty and elegance of this environment.

How to experience Ellicott Park

If you haven’t experienced Ellicott Park yet, or maybe you haven’t yet explored some of the new spaces that are constantly added to the palace, you are invited to visit at any time. There are no registration details needed, confidentiality is assured, and you can access from anywhere in the world.

Experience Ellicott Park.

Understanding The Xavio Way

Drawing on our artistic talent and expert knowledge of devising luxury lighting solutions within the hospitality sector, our creative lighting designers produce exquisite, elegant, and emotive designs that create lasting memories.

Blending fine artistic inspiration and flawless technical engineering, our teams verify the science behind the art. Each design is created with customer experience in mind, coupled with our incredibly detailed technical understanding allows for seamless integration and user experience. This unique combination of talents ensures our projects are always both artistically inspiring, creatively designed and technically astute.

Sourcing the finest quality lighting products and supporting you through every stage of the process, Xavio’s detailed project management process will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection.

Our comprehensive team of experts will bring together information from architects, interior designers, and other consultants, to take the project through from vision to completion in a smooth efficient way, with minimal disruption to your business.

Contacting Xavio Design

If you are interested in Xavio Design helping your visions into reality, our experts are always on hand for a discreet discussion. From Super-Prime residences to high- end retail and hospitality, unlocking the power of light can create unforgettable environments that live long in the memory of anyone who interacts with them.

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