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Xavio Design is a market-leader in providing professional lighting consultancy and luminaire procurement services to luxury homes and gardens around the world. Light is arguably the most influential force on how we perceive, experience, and connect with the world around us. Our residential lighting solutions are individually designed with your specific desires in mind, ensuring you fully unlock the power of light in your home.

Super-prime Clientele 

From Super-prime residential hotspots within major cities, to sensitive historical restoration projects and international developments such as Palaces, Castles, Villas and Luxury Ski Chalets, our team are experienced and committed to delivering spectacular specialist lighting solutions to some of the most prominent luxury properties around the globe.


Residential Lighting Experts

Super-prime residential lighting has been a core focus since our inception, so we understand the unique challenge of creating exquisite luxury lighting solutions for the interiors and exteriors of high-end residences around the world.




It is in our DNA to collaborate closely with private clients, family offices, interior designers, architects, and other key consultants to acquire an in-depth understanding of the desired result of each residential project. We have the unique ability and expertise to work with any style of interior – ranging from opulent classical residences to cutting edge contemporary architectural masterpieces, ensuring each project delivers a personal, emotional lighting solution that illuminates your creation.

This attention to detail, combined with our expert knowledge and thorough immersion into a project, allows us to create emotive, luxury lighting designs that seamlessly complement, balance, and elevate high-end residential spaces.


Drawing on our artistic talent and expert knowledge of devising luxury lighting solutions for prime and super-prime residences around the globe, our creative lighting designers produce exquisite, elegant, and emotive designs that create lasting memories and enhance the natural splendour of residential architecture and design.

Blending fine artistic inspiration and flawless technical engineering, our teams verify the science behind the art. Each design is created with customer experience in mind, coupled with our incredibly detailed technical understanding of seamless integration and user experience. This unique combination of talents ensures our projects are always both artistically inspiring, creatively designed and technically astute.

Light is arguably the most influential force on how we perceive, experience, and connect with the world around us.

Just as sunlight cascades and changes our environments throughout a day, illuminating the buildings and landscapes that link our client’s experiences and movements requires an astute attention to detail and an unrelenting focus on creating the most inspiring, luxurious lighting solutions across multiple sectors.

Xavio Design is instrumental in creating the luxury lighting solutions that provide a glowing golden thread through these respective sectors.

Sourcing the finest quality lighting products and supporting you through every stage of the process, Xavio’s detailed project management process will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection.

Our comprehensive team of experts will bring together information from architects, interior designers and other consultants, to take the project through from vision to completion in a smooth efficient way.


“We have worked with Xavio on a number of prime residential projects, and found them to be a good reliable and professional company. They have produced some excellent presentations; comprehensive full designs with information, that greatly helps the design teams deliverables.

Good team ethic, friendly and experienced designers that provide exciting, imaginative lighting solutions”

Chris Rowe, SWP

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