Stepping into a luxury boutique is an all-encompassing experience. Lighting design is a powerful tool for creating this warm, inviting environment and can provide visual interest that expertly highlights a product.
The Xavio Design team has created a high-end architectural lighting scheme concept to highlight illumination techniques for luxury retail boutiques.

To illustrate the impact lighting design can have, we drew up an initial concept sketch. From this, our in-house senior CAD designer, Piotr Chilik, expertly created a full 3D visual.

The goal was to help the customer connect with the brand, through a breathtakingly uplifting space that offers a warm and welcoming tone.

This is accomplished through a carefully layered lighting approach incorporating several luxury lighting solutions.

Suspended track lighting systems integrate a mix of adjustable micro pinspots and homogenous LED strips, highlighting product displays with pleasing effect.

Designed to pique interest, each wall panel is framed with elegant backlighting, and the island unit plinths are illuminated to create a floating effect. These sophisticated lighting elements elevate the product and exude opulence.

The ceiling rafts conceal hidden services and provide an upwash of light. Building this intricate relationship between architecture and light creates a heightened feel for space without diverting attention from the showcases.

Our expert design team understands how to draw the eye, which is considered at every point of the lighting design.

Tuneable elements softly morph through a Circadian Rhythm to create sympathy with the daylighting that streams through the high windows.

Luxury is further infused into the space by the DALI-controlled lighting throughout, carefully balanced to provide contrast and dynamism without compromising the minimum lighting levels required by British Standards for retail environments.

Luxury goods are displayed in glass cases and striking narrow-frame wall units. Both have concealed display lighting within the frame creating a warm invitation to browse.

To make the journey around the boutique seamless, warm and welcoming uplighters on the doorways and buttresses allow for wayfinding. These cohesive luxury design elements throughout the space provide a complete high-end experience for the customer.

Drawing on our artistic talent and expertise for devising luxury lighting solutions, the Xavio design team has achieved the goal of a breath-taking and uplifting store environment. The design encompasses the emotions that exquisite lighting can invoke and the light-based techniques that can be used to showcase products in a luxury setting.

Would you like our designers to visualise how your retail space could look? Please feel welcome to reach out to us for a consultation.

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