Xavio Design- working harder to make your project run smoother- How we support the design, supply, and installation of lighting projects around the UK

Xavio Design has been providing professional lighting services for some of the most prestigious projects around the world for over 10 years, successfully enhancing our clients’ projects with inspiration, expertise, and superior product sourcing.

Working on a variety of projects, from super-prime residential to hotels and workspaces, it is our mission to help electrical contractors, project managers and developers deliver projects that are flawless in their design, aligned with cost plans, and straightforward to install.

In short, we work harder so our clients’ projects run smoother and are easier to manage.




Xavio offer technical lighting design, integrating seamlessly their vision for design with the lighting control system to ensure all control and dimming equipment is compatible with the specified and client supplied FFE lighting fixtures.

Their technical load and dimming schedules are easy to understand, huge effort is given to this to ensure the client gets the whole easy to use and reliable experience of a connected office or home.

Xavio’s warehouse facilities at Alton and lighting delivery management allows contractors to feel confident that we know what we are getting, all components are clearly labelled and delivered with care and consideration, they really do take the hassle out of lighting management and supply away from us and the client.

Saving you time and money

We understand that deciphering a technical specification and obtaining complex quotations from multiple lighting manufacturers can be extremely time consuming and detrimental to your project timelines, not to mention frustrating and stressful.

Our expert procurement team at Xavio Design are ‘supplier agnostic’, meaning we have built a large successful network of well-respected manufacturers and trusted suppliers to draw upon. By allowing us to interpret your specifications and source the right products for your project, at the right prices and lead times, you can rest assured that your lighting supply is in good hands.

Because our team consists of technical experts as well as design specialists, Xavio can easily interpret concept designs or incomplete technical documents into workable packages, regularly suggesting more efficient, cost-effective equivalents. This can not only save you time and energy but can be the difference between your project coming in on budget and remaining profitable, while still delivering on the original vision.

To discover more about how our technical support and procurement can save your project time and money, or to simply discuss how working with Xavio can benefit you and your team, contact us today for a no-obligation introduction to our services.


Keeping your project on track

Once you have placed your orders it is commonplace for these to be received in large deliveries, often at different times, and infuriatingly on occasion to the wrong location. As well as being frustrating and an unforeseen time drain, the effort needed to sort and distribute these lights around the site to the correct areas can often be undervalued within a project and lead to undue pressure, and often avoidable mistakes.

Xavio Design can help you avoid these unnecessary headaches with our off-site storage, expert logistics and collated JIT deliveries.

As well as our client office in Berkeley Square, London, our highly efficient warehouse in Alton, Hampshire, has been fundamental in helping projects stay on track for many years - storing, sorting, and distributing your lighting products as/when you need them. We can even offer this service on projects where the products have not been purchased through Xavio, helping to ensure you receive the technical expertise and efficient logistical support to run your project effectively.

To learn more about our logistics support and off-site storage, contact our friendly expert team.


Other benefits of working with Xavio

As with delivering successful developments, we understand the complexity, and range of skills and services needed to bring a project together successfully. Our multi-faceted team of experts are here to support you every step of the way.

From offering a free DIALux lighting design for Cat A office fitout projects, to consulting on existing projects to suggest technical improvements and efficiencies, Xavio has the technical expertise and operational capability to help any lighting project run smoother, no matter how large or small.

To discover more about what we do, and explore some of our recent case studies.

Alternatively, to discuss how Xavio can support your next project, or how working alongside Xavio can benefit you, please drop us a line for a no-obligation chat about our services and expertise.



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