Tropical Villa – Nairobi


We are delighted to be working on the lighting design for a 15,000 sq.ft Tropical Villa in Nairobi for a private client. Set amongst the natural landscape, the villa follows the principles of Vastu Shastra design.

For Vastu Shastra projects, our goal is to enhance the relationship between light and architecture by drawing on our expertise in both the art and science of lighting.

In ancient Indian texts, the Sun is known as the “Soul of the Universe” and the principles of Vastu Shastra allow us to channel the limitless energy of the Sun in the best possible way.

In a lighting context, this means that we look for the harmonies and rhythm between natural light and simulated light, ensuring balance between the two energies.

For projects which have a focus on Vastu Shastra, and depending on the extent of that focus, our lighting designs work with, and enhance, the positive energies created.


Location - Nairobi, Kenya

Project Type - Super Prime Residential

Size - 15,000 sq.ft