What we do


What we do

Xavio Design of Mayfair provides a high level of lighting design services & technical expertise for all projects relating to the Super Prime sector. We can operate anywhere in the world, and offer on-going services for UHNWI’s globally, taking care of all aspects of lighting for their projects and estates.

Super prime residential

Xavio Design has a core focus in lighting designs for luxury homes & gardens around the world, with the ability to work with any style of interior – ranging from opulent classical residences to cutting edge contemporary architectural masterpieces. Xavio Design’s home ground is the super-prime centre of London, with a constantly growing portfolio of projects at all stages in Mayfair, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Kensington and other boroughs.


Xavio Design is experienced at applying Super Prime Residential lighting techniques to luxury hotels and restaurants, adapting our design process to meet the fast-track nature and user-friendly requirements of these often high pressure projects. The Xavio Design project management structure pre-empts potential delays, and carefully plans the workflow and procurement process in advance, to allow the shortest possible downtime for the hospitality venue and thereby maximises its return on investment. Lighting styles are carefully created to enhance the brand of each hotel or restaurant, and to appeal to its target clientele.

Private jets

The world of aviation is a natural evolvement from projects on land and at sea, and we delight in the spacial challenges that face us when creating sophisticated designs for both large and small private aircraft.

Executives and ultra-high-net-worth individuals can spend many hours in the air as they pursue global lifestyles. It is essential that the lighting within their aircraft cabins is calculated and designed to an exceptionally high level of detail and consideration. Organic, softly gentle lighting designs help to increase passenger comfort and reduce fatigue, whilst very high colour rendering indexes ensure that the luxurious interiors always appear fresh, rich and pleasing to the eye.

Private super yachts

Xavio Design has recognised the power of transferring Super Prime Residential lighting techniques into the luxury marine sector, providing inspiring solutions to designers of super-yachts, and enabling our clientele to experience a continuity of style both on land and at sea.

In past years, lighting design has been sadly neglected on many super yachts, falling far behind super-prime residential projects on land, with very basic designs and a lack of intelligent control commissioning. Xavio is able to bring in sophisticated design techniques and cutting-edge systems, which can sympathetically allow for the geographical location of the yacht.